Plan Yourself Happy

UpLift Planner helps you to make your wellbeing the priority.

Eliminate constant stress with proactive self care. Go from overwhelmed to empowered. From defeated to motivated.

Unique Planner Features

  • Daily Quotes

    Handpicked nuggets of motivation and positivity to start each day

  • Coloring Pages

    Creative opportunities to relieve stress & practice mindfulness

  • Self Care Reminders

    Monthly ideas for maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself

  • Achievement Tracker

    A segmented log that captures your progress & boosts your confidence

  • Vision Board

    A designated space to get clear & focused on your goals for 2024

  • Affirmation of the Week

    Repeat daily to overcome self-sabotaging & negative thoughts

  • Thought Reframing

    Handle life's challenges better by changing unhelpful thinking patterns

  • Gratitude Journaling

    Unlock resilience & optimism with gratitude prompts + journaling space

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Love From Our Community

Nothing brings us more joy than seeing you smile. Here are some of the heartwarming messages and reviews from our users.

  • wellbeing planner testimonial

    I'm in love!

    "Finally! A planner that not only keeps me organized but also lifts my mood with affirmations, even down to the colors! I'm in love!"

    Nancy O.

  • My planner for life

    "I can be really harsh and critical with myself which is why this planner is a gamechanger. It keeps me positive."

    Gail A.

  • positivity planner testimonial

    Sets the tone for my day

    "I literally look forward to reading my daily quote. UP is unlike any planner I've ever used because it HELPS you set the tone for the day."

    Joanne O.

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Your daily self -care companion

Enjoy a thoughtful combination of tools curated to skyrocket your motivation, boost positivity, manage stress and prioritize self care.

Each component has been made extremely easy to use, to prevent overwhelm, when you need it the least.

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    uplift 2024 planner coverMonochrome Leaf Planner

If you feel like you’re pouring from an empty cup, try an Uplift Planner in 2024!

Fill your cup with motivation, confidence & self love to live an empowered lifestyle.

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